A redesign of an old website that was further coded with HTML, CSS and some simple JQuery. The aim was to make the site look more modern, showcase some of the skills I've developed after a year and for the site to be responsive.

Image of the Warscythe home page

the brief:

To utilise HTML and CSS to build a fully functional blog website. Furthering this, a mobile-first, fully responsive landing page was required to be made in Bootstrap and lastly to engage in all phases of planning, designing UX and creating a new website. I then remade the site so that it looked more modern, was responsive and decided to hard-code instead of utilising Bootstrap for the landing page alongside adding some simple JQuery.

the insight:

The insight for this project was very basic and was that young gamers would relate easier and be more engaged with a site that’s design felt like a video game itself.

the concept:

Warscythe - This concept followed the insight of creating a website with a design that followed the look and feel of various video games in order to captivate users. A warscythe or military scythe is a form of pole weapon with a curving single-edged blade with the cutting edge on the concave side of the blade. This was chosen as a symbol and name for this site as it relates to medieval times and has been used across games in the fantasy genre.

the solution:

Design and code a gaming themed blog website in HTML and CSS with a fully responsive landing page coded in the Bootstrap framework. This was then further expanded in my remake including some JQuery, responsive design and dropping the Bootstrap framework.

the rationale:

The site created adhered to the brief and produced a site that appeals to younger gamers in order to engage with them and captivate their attention.

This was achieved through a bold colour palette of red, yellow and blacks alongside typography, imagery and aesthetics that portray an atmosphere similar to the ones that you see inside of a video games’ UI screens or menus.

Lastly imagery related to games and a casual, informal tone of voice allows the site to communicate effectively to the desired target audience of young gamers.

Image of the Warscythe Error 404 page


Decorative image of a red and blue dahlia flower

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