hellhound tattoos

A website redesign for a tattoo and piercing company, Hellhound Tattoos. This project was to showcase a complete overhaul of an older web design to something more modern, impactful and thematic.

Image of the Hellhound Tattoos landing page website design

the brief:

To find gaps in our portfolio in which we can fill to demonstrate our skills and flesh our portfolio for the type of work that we wish to specialise in.

the insight:

This project had me identify the fact that I enjoy illustration and have a passion for it, however I had not utilised this skill beforehand in my work, especially in web design.

the concept:

Cerberus - This concept was developed when ideating possible illustrations for Hellhound Tattoos. A cerberus is a creature from Greek mythology that has three heads and was chosen as a means of expressing Hellhound Tattoos' visual identity and imagery in a creative and suitable way to gain users' attention, emotion and interest in the tattoo studios' brand.

the solution:

An aesthetically immersive and thematic web design experience for customers of Hellhound Tattoos, to breathe life into an outdated digital identity with something that successfully encapsulates the tattoo atmosphere.

the rationale:

This project was a success as I was both able to create a bold, modern and emotive web design while incorporating my skill of illustration into my designs and workflow.

Image of the Hellhound Tattoos bookings page


Decorative image of a red and blue dahlia flower

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